Creoergosum a collective of creatives


A collective of artists-craftsmen was born from an idea of Simona of Hic Sunt Monstra, the activity of this group takes place mainly on Instagram and is grouped under the hashtag #creoergosum🌿


Small parenthesis: I really like the word "collective" because it refers to the 70s, a historical period in which working together, looking in the same direction to reach a goal holding each other's hand was not a utopia but something not only considered possible, even necessary.


This one, of which I have the honor to be a part, is made up of sensitive people, with a strong identity, lovers of art, culture and nature. Each has its own particularity but we support each other and there is an air of friendship between us, all this also and above all to give and give back to the world something that gives emotion.


This creative melting pot takes place through challenges. Our challengs are not in the competitive sense of the term, but ideas that stimulate us to create something unique, each with their own tools and their own taste, starting from a common theme. There were three challenges last year: A Midsummer Night's Dream, Halloween, and Winter Fairy Tales and Legends. The contributions of the various artists-craftsmen can be found by browsing the image gallery that you get hashtag on Instagram.


Most likely, in the coming months, there will be the opportunity to admire and follow a virtual gallery of our works on an Instagram page dedicated to our group, I will keep you informed.


This is the list of people who are part of it with links to their instagram pages, I recommend you visit them because you might fall in love!

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