Puck, Shakespeare's Hobgoblin

In Shakespeare's play "A Midsummer Night's Dream", Puck is the mischievous goblin and at the very beginning of the play a fairy describes him with the characteristics of classic goblins, who mischief in homes by making butter go crazy and curd the milk, annoy the housewives and have a soft spot for those who pamper them. In this regard you can read HERE the post on the Garfagnana elf and find the similarities.

Incantesimo d'amore di Oberon e Puck
Incantesimo d'amore di Oberon e Puck


Puck in the Shakespearean work offers his services to Oberon, the king of the fairies, and he is ultimately the true protagonist of the play because he is the one who unleashes chaos giving rise to a series of misunderstandings through which the narrative develops giving life to a real comedy of errors.


During the play, the boundary between the world of the Little People and that of human beings is thinned until it vanishes. Oberon uses Puck to help human couples fulfill their dream of love.

My Puck art doll made of wood clay and natural elements.

Puck is a goblin that belongs to the category of Hobgoblins, gentler goblins than the evil Goblins. Puck closes the work with a monologue that calls the public to their responsibilities, in apologizing for the chaos created, Shakespeare, through Puck conveys a message. Art requires an effort of the imagination on the part of those who experience it, that is, the public.

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