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The dragon in different cultures


 The dragon is a mythical figure that, as often happens, has a different value in western culture than in Eastern culture (remember, it also happens with the fox, I told it in this post). In Western culture, especially after the advent of Christianity, the dragon is an evil being to be defeated even to assert its worth. Usually the dragon kidnaps the princesses. In the Bible it symbolizes supreme evil, the devil.


In Eastern culture, on the other hand, the dragon is a lucky, wise and magical being. In China it represents the imperial family together with the phoenix.


I wanted to give the dragon a new story and a new relationship with the princess inspired by my Dragons and Princesses boxed fairytale that I show you in the photos and that I created in collaboration with Mammabook who made the dragons painted on the pebbles.


 Read it below.

The dragon and the princess, an unpublished fairy tale.

C'era una volta una principessa che viveva in un lontano reame ai confini del mondo. Un giorno passeggiando nel bosco delle grandi querce dorate trovò un uovo. Era un uovo diverso dal solito, grande come un melone e duro come un sasso di fiume. La principessa ripiegò la parte davanti del vestito regale e vi mise l'uovo e con esso corse verso il castello. 


Incontrò la regina sulle scale ma la salutò correndo e ridendo, e fingendo di giocare a nascondino si chiuse in camera sua e depose l'uovo sotto il cuscino. 

Per molte notti tenne l'uovo screziato al caldo del suo corpo finchè una mattina dall'uovo si levarono dei rumori, il duro guscio si crepò e uscì un bel draghetto. Le sue squame erano ancora morbide e delicate. La pricipessa se ne immanorò. 


Nei giorni successivi diventarono inseparabili. La principessa lo nascondeva nelle vesti e insieme andavano nel bosco a giocare. 


Once upon a time there was a princess who lived in a distant realm on the edge of the world. One day, walking in the woods of the big golden oaks, she found an egg. It was a different egg than usual, as big as a melon and hard as a river stone. The princess folded the front part of the royal dress and put the egg on it and ran with it to the castle.


 Shee met the queen on the stairs but greeted her running and laughing, and pretending to play hide and seek she closed herself in her room and laid the egg under the pillow.


For many nights she kept the mottled egg warm with her body until one morning noises arose from the egg, the hard shell cracked and a beautiful little dragon came out. His scales were still soft and delicate. The princess fell in love with him.


In the following days they became inseparable. The princess hid him in her clothes and together they went to the woods to play.

The queen discovers the secret and kidnaps the dragon


The Queen who heard strange noises and laughter coming from the princess's room in the evening, peeked through the keyhole and saw the little dragon. While the princess was asleep she entered, stole the little dragon and gave him to the lumberjack to kill him "Before he become a dangerous monster!" She said.


The lumberjack, who immediately fell in love with the sweet little dragon, did not have the courage to kill him and hid him in the barn of his house in the woods. 

The wise lumberjack

The princess cried so much that she was inconsolable, the days went by but her mood did not change.

She did not speak to anyone and thought only of her little dragon. After a month, the desperate queen went to the lumberjack hoping that he had not followed her orders, the lumberjack understood that he would not be punished and confessed that he kept the little dragon that also felt his home with happiness and that the little dragon was a gift came from the sky. The happy queen embraced the lumberjack and gave him an honor and a land on the river where to grow the vegetable garden.

A happy ending


At that point the Queen took the little dragon in her arms and ran to the castle to her daughter who, when she saw the little dragon, lit up like the sun.


At the castle there was a big party that lasted a week and a law passed saying that the dragons from that moment were declared sacred and from then on they all lived happily ever after.


I still have two dragons that will soon have their own princess and you will find them for sale on my Etsy shop, the boxes, as you can see from the photos, can be personalized with a name for the little princess and the little dragon, if you are interested sign up for my newsletter and write to me. Or contact me on my social networks.


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