Tell a Fairy Tale Day, a fairy tale from my village

Today in the United States is Tell a fairy tale Day,  a day dedicated to storytelling, reading and in general to fairy tales and in particular those related to popular culture.


The ways to celebrate can be:

  • Read or tell a fairy tale out loud to someone, or even to yourself.
  • Reread your favorite fairy tales that maybe you haven't read for a long time.
  • Take pen and paper and write a fairy tale, who knows, your fairy tale could be told in the future traveling from generation to generation!
  • Have a fairytale-themed party perhaps by asking the guests to disguise themselves as their favorite fairy-tale character.
  • Watch a few fairy tale-inspired films, there are many.
  • Give something realted to fairytales to your loved ones (like a Pupillae doll :D) 


For this day I propose a fairy tale from my little village, the protagonists are three talking geese, it is a variant of the fairy tale of the three little pigs and as a child, when my grandmother told me this fairytale she always made me laugh especially for the way which the geese built their home.


I also recorded an audio of the fairy tale read by me,  it is recorded with the mobile phone but unfortunately it's only in Italian because I don't feel able to read it well in English, for this time I hope you will forgive me

The three small geese

Illustrazione by Silvia Paparella aka Mammabook
Illustrazione by Silvia Paparella aka Mammabook

 Once upon a time there were three little geese, one large, one a little thin, and one limp and little lopsided.

You should know that these three geese were looking for a place to make a house. It was November, when the days are shorter than a sigh. Walk, walk they arrived near Le Aie, which was already late in the morning and immediately they started to make the house with pens, it is clear, that they tore themselves off.


Fast forward, and the house was ready.


"Now I try to go inside to see how it feels - the biggest goose said immediately - and I'll call you later."

But when she was inside: patatrac! she bolted the door. "Who is inside is inside; who is outside is outside!" The two geese began to be somewhat dismayed. "Let's make another house - proposed the tiny little goose - but let's be quick!" I will not tell you about the bald they gave, but the house was ready. "Wait, I'm going to see how it feels!" and without delay, the tiny goose slipped inside and locked the door.

"Who is inside is inside; who is outside is outside!" The poor limp goose, sad and disconsolate, began to cry from the cold and fear of the wolf.


At that moment il Topetto* passed by.


"What's the problem?" He asked the goose with the bald butt. And after he had known her story: "Do not despair. I will make you a house with stones and mortar so the wolf will not be able to give you damage. But please! Do not open!" The little goose promised, and when the house was ready, she ran into it. "God bless you!" she said to the bricklayer and then wandered inside with a bolt.


Meanwhile night had come and suddenly there was a scream.

It was the wolf. "Open to me!" he said, when he was near the house of the lame goose - Open me immediately, otherwise I will eat you, as I ate your sisters! "But the little goose was careful not to listen to the wolf and turned the bolt again." Open to me! " The wolf took a run with his head down against the house of the little goose, but the door was made of wood, not of feathers - and the wolf - from the great run he had taken, broke his head. The little goose heard a blow and when she realized that the wolf was dead, she came out and cut his belly with a pair of scissors. And the two sisters, who were still alive, immediately jumped out and began to cry and ask for forgiveness.

The lame little goose, which was really good, forgot every wrong and opened the door to them. And so they always stayed together in love and agreement, as in all self-respecting fairytale.


Fairy tale transcribed from the oral tradition of Frassinoro (MO) by the writer Ione Maria Biondini in the book 'The stories of the Golden Ash'.


Being an ancient fairy tale, this fairy tale preserves all the stereotypes of fairy tales and should not be read in animal rights key! Animals are nothing more than personifications of human characteristics, the geese sisters represent selfishness and betrayal, the wolf represents greed, the Topetto, the only human in the fairy tale, represents providence and the lame goose represents altruism and goodness.


I hope you liked the story and I leave the audio here if you want to listen to it read by me, you don't expect a great reading, I recorded it in "good first" mode (LOL)


*The Topetto was a character who really existed in my village, I am too young to have known him but he is said to be good and always smiling despite the many difficulties that life had given him.


  • Le storie del Frassino d'oro di Ionemaria Biondini
  • My grandma's tales

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    Katy Poenaru (giovedì, 27 febbraio 2020 15:07)

    Fantastico! Maravigliosa! I've listened to your lovely recount and I am very happy :). Thank you very much for telling me a fairy tale.

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