Do you know the lampyridae? I'll bet you do.

The Lampyridae or carriers of light. In ancient times they were connected to the goddess Diana also called Lucifera or Lucina because of its connection with the light, in particular the moonlight. But who are they? They are nothing more than bright beetles, the romantic and beloved fireflies. These insects that illuminate our summer nights in various cultures and over time have had different values, for example a Japanese legend tells that they carry the souls of the deceased. In this regard, I recommend watching the movie "Grave of the Fireflies" written and directed by Isao Takahata, co-founder with Hayao Miyazaki of Studio Ghibli, it tells, in a truly moving way, the story of a little brother and a sister left alone in the horror of war.

The fireflies also symbolize instinct and creativity but the most beautiful legend tells that the moon gave them some of its light as a reward for their goodness. It is also said that those who dream of a firefly will soon receive an unexpected gift. Last month I had the pleasure of taking long walks in the immense pine forest in the nature reserve of the Tombolo di Cecina, in Tuscany. I assure you, it was a magical and unique thing, a million fireflies that lit up the pine forest in the moonlight (yes I was lucky enough to go to the June full moon period). This enchanting experience stimulated my imagination and I imagined a story. My story is based on the legend of the moon and the firefly and I also gave birth to a small creature that wants to be a tribute to those mysterious insects that have always fascinated me since my childhood.


Clicking on the image you will find my Pinterest board titled Fireflies to inspire you and fill your eyes with beauty. (image: Fireflies by illustrator Nancy Zhang)


My little fairytale: 


Mrs. Lucilla

Once upon a time there was a small little woman called Mrs. Lucilla. She always dressed in black because she was alone in the world. She was always sad, she went out at night because she couldn't stand the violent sunlight; on moonless nights though, despite being forced to go out to get food, she was afraid and often trembled and hid behind the leaves. She would have liked to find some friends but she felt disconsolate and useless with only her sad story to tell. One night when the moon appeared in the sky, Lucilla wept all her solitude among the ears of a cornfield when the Moon saw her, took her hand, wiped away her tears and, having heard her story, broke off a little piece of her light and put it in her hands. The moon told her that she should always take that light with her to drive away the fear and with her little light she could light up the night and making it magical. 'You will be my messenger and you will shine even when I sleep, and everyone will love you and respect you, men will rejoice when they see you coming because they will know that then the wheat is ripe. Take care to shine forever 'So from that day on, Lucilla comes out happy in the night knowing that she will bring a bit of magic to the world.


If you want to see the realization of the little doll inspired by this tale follow me on Facebook and Instagram. See you there :)

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  • #1

    Katy Poenaru (mercoledì, 31 luglio 2019 12:36)

    What a delicate, soulful story! I've learned a lot about fireflies from your experience and imagination. I look forward to seeing the doll now!

  • #2

    Gioconda (mercoledì, 31 luglio 2019 14:08)

    Katy thank you so much, I'm really happy you liked my little story about fireflies :)

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