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The sleep walker


Price 179. USD

The sleepwalker is a completely handmade mixed media skeleton art doll.


Making him I was inspired by

dreams and the magic of the night.


This doll has a face and torso made of wood clay, the body can be positioned. It is covered with wool yarn and antique hemp yarn. She wears pajamas made of hand-dyed fabric with plants and a wool hat. On the pajamas I have embroidered blue stars.

The cat, his waking companion, I did it with the needle felting technique. The doll is seated on a hollow wood clay building, a light can be placed inside it to illuminate the windows. The building is detachable from the doll.


The piece measures approximately 31 cm in height and approximately 11.5 cm in width.



Price 179. USD

Napoleon Skully art doll with a toy horse.


He is inspired by the famous historic character, Napoleon and from dreams.


The Napoleon's body is partly poseable, 

He is made of wood clay, and paper clay. The body is covered with wool yarn and hemp yarn. The costume is made of fine aged fabric,  I embroidered some details on it. The little toy horse is needle felted.


The piece measures about 27 cm in height (about 10,7 inches) and 16 cm in width (about 4,5 inches).


Witch with swinging legs


Price 75. USD

Little witch to hang on the wall, its legs swing like the clapper of a bell.


Inspired by Halloween.


She is a wood clay art doll, the pumpkin is needle felted, the hair is made of hemp yarn. She is entirely conceived and made by me.


She measures about 25 cm (10 inches).

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